Tuesday, June 13, 2017


The last time that I had my actually cut, not just trimmed, was before I went in for treatment, and I cried. 
Since my hair grew back after chemo, I have trimmed it, but I wasn't in an emotional place to truly cut it. 
Lately, it's been driving me bonkers. I have to put it up every day for work, and I seem to clip it up at home because it's in my face and just hot on my neck. The tension on my scalp of having it up gives me a headache. Craig or I are always rolling on it in bed. The list goes on. I've been looking up short hair cuts online. I wanted to have it cut this time. 
So today was the day and I had it done. 
I had it coloured to cover the odd bits of red that didn't get cut off, but going forward, I'd like to forego the colouring and go back to natural, greys and all. 

I got quite a bit accomplished on my socks today; laundry day is for more than just clean clothes! 
I love the stiletto Point on my Signature Needles - sock knitting is extra pleasurable with them!

I'm on to the 2nd half of the last Starting Point MKAL clue and I'm quite pleased with how it's come together.
 Clever construction indeed! 

The puppies were whining and this is what I saw when I went to see what was up. 
 I am tempted to release the wee beasties and see if they could catch the bunnies! I'm concerned at how far they would go on the chase though, and how long it would take them to return home. 

I did all sorts of cleaning and errands today, so tonight I rest and tomorrow is relax, Netflix and Knit day. 

Oh - and wow!!! I ordered the case for my Kobo Aura One from Amazon.ca on Saturday, they sent a shipped notice on Sunday, and the case was in my mailbox on Monday!!! That's service!! I love the case even more in person ... imma be reading all the time!! 

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  1. Haircut looks amazing. You will love it. And perfect timing for summer. As an early adapter of the "grey" , I salute all who join the club. You will love that too.