Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tiny x's

It has been a lovely day at home. The puppies are getting a bit stir crazy from being inside due to rain, but Chica convinced me to play ball with her, and Petey has been happy chewing on a bone. 

I got some work stuff sorted out, then there was a bit of reading. Helen got me hooked on James Patterson's Women's Murder Club series, and while it's not epic literature, I'm invested in the characters and keeping needing to know what is happening to Lindsay, Rich, and poor Cindy. Yuki is happy, but can it last?? I'll be diving into Unlucky 13 as soon as Helen sends it!!

I had leftover salmon Alfredo for lunch. I've been craving it for weeks and I'm about to have had enough, but it is so good! I could just sit and eat it with a spoon, but I don't think that would be super filling. Or healthy. And I do need to start being more mindful of what and how much of it I eat. I've let my nutritional intake slide away from the nutritional and just be intake. 

I got quite a bit of cross stitching down today. I'm pleased with my choice to use the doubled strand on the gates. I'm now almost halfway through this part of the Clue, so I feel like rewarding myself with some lolodidit yarn and Sweet Spot swatching. 

It's been a great day!!

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