Sunday, December 12, 2010

Takin' it Easy

Just ribbin' along - 2 x 2, 2.75mm needles, 248 sts. Don't feel too sad for me, it's Windy Valley Muskox Majestic Blend for a re-design and totally feels like way more than 15% musk ox!! This is challenging my mental faculties (especially at the moment) - there is shaping and I'll have to sort out the math for 2 sizes in addition to the sample, and my organizational skills ... no winging the pattern, I am taking notes!!

I started on the Molly scarf - it's fun!! I love the way that the CE Liberty Wool get a bit mottled in between the colour changes, it makes for a nice transition. I'm knitting back backwards on the short rows; I think that I'm getting good enough at it that it's quicker than doing so much turning. Give it a go - it has a learning curve and is a bit awkward at first but it's worth persevering. I'll see if Amanda wants to record me doing it & I'll post it.

My legs are deeply achy today. Not quite at excruciating but definitely wicked. There are occasional stabs in my forearms and elbows but mostly it's leaving my essentials alone. Still, I'll be calling the oncology clinic tomorrow to see if they can bump up the Arthrotec or hit me up with something that, if it won't make the pain go away will make me not care so much if it hurts.
It's snowing again but it's the weekend - Kerwyn can be on shoveling duty if he wants to go anywhere and the kids are good. I need to remember to keep up on my management skills - I'd hate to go back to The Mighty Mart of Wal all rusty!! LOL

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  1. Oh the Molly scarf is pretty!!

    Here's hoping the medicos have something new in the arsenal.