Friday, December 24, 2010


Mitten Mania '10 continues - Amanda loves this striped pair the best. I can tell because when we went out she tried not to take them off, to the point of turning magazine pages with them on at Chapters!! That truly makes it all worth it. I think that the Yarn Pirate mittens will be next.

I've been fighting off a cold f
or the last week, I'm feeling like I'm finally getting the better of it today. Still with the tight cough but the useless exhaustion is pretty much gone. PHEW!!

I finished the Classic Elite Molly scarf
and started on the Elizabeth sweater. I know - that is a circular needle!! The sweater is done side to side and I really don't like changing from straights to circulars mid-project, it can really affect your tension so I'm rediscovering my circular needle skills.

The old Beaumark vacuum that I've had for about 20 years has finally given up the ghost.
Mucking with it for 10-15 minutes to get it to start is a serious waste of knitting time & when I need it the most I'm afraid that it will not start at all. I've been wanting a Dyson for awhile & I totally got it at the right time - Future Shop had them on sale for $449 (sale runs until the 27th) so I price matched that at The Mighty Mart of Wal so that I could get my discount on top of the sale price. I ended up saving almost $200!!! I did a quick test run with it on the upstairs hallway and OMG - the amount of dust/dirt that it picked up!! Amanda just vacuumed on Tuesday and while she is not the most thorough she's not incompetent!!

I am almost excited to go for treatment on Wednesday - it's my last one!!! Then I've got almost 3 weeks of before I go down to Sunnybrook Hospital for my tattoo - it's a tiny little dot that marks where they need to aim the radiation.
Seriously - aim for the scar dude!! It's a specialty tattoo that very few hospitals do. No worries though - I've set up a ride so it will be me knitting all the way there & back!! Then it will be 6.5 weeks of radiation every weekday, but the visits will be very short.
I'm feeling pretty good - tired still and there is a new thing; my eyes just won't stop watering!! It's annoying enough just sitting still, walking around inside creates enough breeze to make it worse and if I go outside ... tears streaming down my face!! I walk around stores dabbing at my eyes with Kleenex and I can see people looking at me like they want to ask if I'm okay but mercifully (or maybe it's a bit sad) they don't.


  1. Anonymous3:47 PM

    When I got my tattoos for breast rad, I kept thinking of the Sylvania slogan from back when cameras used film and flashbulbs: "Blue dots for sure shots!"

    Enjoy the extra to/from knitting time; other than chewing into your every day, radiation should be a piece of cake for you.

    Happy holidays!


  2. She's such a treasure!

    Wonderful scarf! Wowser!

    A tattoo - totally rad! You wild biker-chick. Way to welcome the new year!

  3. My best friend got her radiation tat and then when all her treatments were done she got a Tasmanian devil on her hip.

    Love the mitts and the scarf!

    Happy Holidays.