Monday, December 13, 2010

Mitten Mania '10

We interrupt our regularly scheduled knitting to show you the New Coat & Hat that our young lady is sporting. The colours are washed out in this pic - I'll get a better one tomorrow before school. This, of course, means new mittens which will be knit (mostly & for now) from stash. I know - an extensive stash is something upon which you can draw not just deposit!!

Believe me, I have explained to Amanda that not every girl is so lucky as to have Malabrigo Silky Merino & Yarn Pirate mittens -!!! I told her that these were not snowball-throwing, snow-shoveling mittens but keeping warm & looking good mittens. Not that she is not to shovel ... I told her that there are "work" mittens for that!! Classic Wool is still lovely, but totally more day-to-day.

In the throws of setting up for Mitten Mania '10 I discovered that I didn't have any 3.5mm dpn in 'da house!!! I quickly remedied that with a trip to Signature Needles! A set of 4.5mm also fell into the cart - I have Aeros, but surely an event such as Mitten Mania '10 (which will without fail be followed up with future classics such as Mitten Mania '11 & '12) deserves the elegance, beauty & functionality of Signature DPN? I concur!!!


  1. I think I will join you in your mitten mania. Okay if I crochet? Or do you have an easy knitting pattern you can share?

  2. In the spirit of the "mania" I will not be prejudiced against any mitten - LOL!! I'm using the mitten template in the Handy Book of Patterns by Ann Budd - I <3 it!!!

  3. Mitten mania? Oh dear! I guess I'm having a scarf infarction.

  4. I too am enamoured with mittens lately. THe next I knit will be deathflakes. GO ahead - google it. Better yet -
    really cute pattern for colourwork...

  5. I await my Signature delivery as we speak. Mittens and scarves and hats...oh my!
    What kind of mania do you have planned fro '11?