Friday, December 10, 2010

Good Things Come ...

... to those who wait.

I'm definitely feeling the effects of the anemia more - another day spent in bed after clearing off the sidewalk. I just feel tired & winded but fortunately, after years of wishing that knitting was more aerobic I am grateful that it is not!! OMG - I can't believe how much snow that we got this week - 3 snow days and one day where they actually closed Amanda's school (it takes a lot to close a walking school!!).
I paced myself and Amanda & her friends were an excellent help, but I really am quite over the snow already.

I finished the Multi-directional scarf - I don't know who it's for.
It may just be a DKC Knitting for the Cure scarf!
I also got around to knitting up these little wristlets
that were a gift (don't even ask how long ago!!) but they were a perfect little knit that brought the gifter close to my heart when I needed it. They were such a fast knit - DK weight yarn and 6/0 beads (of which I have quite a stash!!
I also finished the socks for Elise - they'll be in the mail tomorrow.

The Mailman brought my KnitPicks prize -
Amanda will have another pair of mittens soon! The book will make for some lovely eye candy.

I also got my next projects from Julie - she knows how much I love variegated yarn
and I get to use the lovely CE Liberty Wool to knit up the Molly scarf & Elizabeth cardigan.


  1. It's hard to believe we live fairly close to each other, because we've got nuthin' - had a dusting last weekend, which is long gone, and now there's nothing at all...

    so you remember to pace yourself, and keep taking advantage of those kids - it's why we have them, isn't it??

  2. It is amazing to me that we missed all this -- being north of Deirdre (LOL) we sere in the line that go hardly anything - just a dusting - and you got all that snow and west of us too!

    You take care and don't strain yourself - snow is heavy work!

  3. Oooo, those wristlets are JEWELRY!!

    And allow the kids every opportunity to help you. Imagine how good they feel about themselves after all working together to get the walk shoveled. They are learning that helping is a rewarding thing to do. They are learning to think of others. And they get that wonderful warm glow of satisfaction for a job well done.

  4. Pretty wristlets!

    Keep those kids working! It'll build character!

    Are you allowed anything for the anemia, or is it just an inevitable side effect?

  5. The kids are pretty good - it's a good chance for me to keep up the management skills that got me into The Mighty Mart of Wal!! LOL

    And it's the weekend - Kerwyn is on shoveling duty if he wants to go anywhere tomorrow.

    The Dr. didn't seem alarmed by the current hemoglobin level and didn't recommend iron or anything. I'm sure that they won't try to cure the cancer and let me perish of an iron deficiency - LOL!!! I'm just going to let it ride, take it easy and if the symptoms deepen then they can sort me out.