Sunday, December 26, 2010

Elizabeth 2.0

I am normally a nice tight knitter, I know how to compensate for that so it's all good. It appears that circulars make me all loosey-goosey. Yes, I swatched but because I have exactly the right amount of yarn that the sweater calls for I decided to rip out the swatch. I must have loosened up and it totally didn't occur to me to check in on it until I was nearly done the sleeve. I checked my tension then because I still had one more increase to do and I was almost at the 18" and even when I match stitch gauge for a yarn/pattern I almost always have a tighter row tension. I usually adjust my increases so that they are spread out nicely. My row tension was 27 sts/4" rather than the called for 28. It's not a big deal but the pattern has just the body increases just 2 rows after the last sleeve increase (by the maths). This doesn't seem quite right to me (usually there is at least the same # of rows after the last increase as between the increases) and I'm debating adjusting the increases to reflect that. ARGH!!!
So I swatched on a 4mm and got the gauge but it felt tight so I ri
pped out the sleeve and just tightened up my tension on the 4.5mm - golden!! 20 x 28.

I have also made excellent progress on my Windy Valley Muskox design.
Gosh this yarn is just buttah in your hands!!

The tattoo for the radiation is a barely perceptible dot. I've been contemplating a real tattoo for a while and I'm totally going to go for it. I just need to find the right place/artist - any suggestions in the GTA?


  1. See, this is why people PAY you to knit. I'd say, 'oh. what the hell. It's close enough." And then Id be annoyed when it didn't fit. YOU make the chaanges to make it right!

  2. Thanks Roxie - that & I'm a borderline OCD perfectionist. Without the borderline. LOL!!!