Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ringing Da Bell!!

Today was my last chemo treatment and they have a tradition in the chemo ward that on your last treatment you ring the bell. I rang the bell baby!!!
The 3-4 weeks until radiation starts will give me time to pretty much recover from the side effects of this treatment.
More good news - the pelvic ultrasound came back with "just" fibroids so I'll get a referral to a gynecologist and see what he/she recommends. My hemoglobin also went up to 105 thanks to all my bovine friends who have died for me.

It looks like a hot mess but I'm onto the body of Elizabeth - it's been perfect waiting room knitting.

Mitten Mania '10 has run into a bit of a sandbar - Amanda declared that she had enough mittens!!! I know - who's child is this?!? She allowed that I could make her a pair of black & white striped ones
to match her new zebra hat but then she's kind of mittened out. No worries - I have a few friends & nieces with hands ... I'm Manic for Mittens!!!

On my way back from Julies on Monday I stopped in Mississauga for Krispy Kremes. I totally love those doughnuts and any time I'm close I stop in!! Kyle scarfed down all of the chocolate covered ones & when I called him on it he said, "I'll pick some up at Tim Horton's tomorrow". I told him that Tim Horton's doughnuts are not the same as Kirspy Kremes. He said that they were just as good. Philistine!!! No wonder I don't waste Hagen Daz, Lindt chocolate or real butter on my children - they totally don't appreciate quality in food!!! Seriously ... they think that margarine tastes the same as butter!!!


  1. I thought all the Krispy Kreme places were gone??!! Those are the only donuts I like, and I had resigned myself to a donut-free existence...

    and I totally agree about selective child feeding, been hiding the good stuff from them for years...

  2. More butter for you - yes? Black and white striped mittens are adorable!

    Hooray for a chance to RING THAT BELL!!

  3. My nephews choose Aunt Jemima syrup over maple syrup. Makes me (and my son) crazy. My kid appreciates the finer things, which is actually dangerous...

    WooHoo! Ring that bell, baby!

  4. That is indeed the sweetest bell to ring! I rung it on Dec. 28/06; on everything Dec. 28th since then I've done something special...mostly on my own, but this year I honoured it with my family and next year...year's gonna be a BIG celebration!
    Start making your plans now Wanietta, for many, many, many anniversaries.

  5. Still 2 left I believe Deirdre - Mississauga & Toronto. Totally worth the drive for a treat!!
    Totally more butter for me Roxie - buttah makes it bettah!!
    Sandra - OMG - I forgot about that one!! Amanda is more about Aunt Jemima than real maple syrup. I can use the processed stuff if I have to but seriously?!?
    Lynn - I am going to be looking for a new anniversary to celebrate & this one is a keeper!!! Happy belated anniversary to you!!

  6. Ring that bell! That's awesome news! Happy New Year!!!

    If you need fibroid advice, holler at me offline. I've got more advice than anyone else, and my motto has always been: if there's no cancer, I get to keep my uterus. You'd be surprised how many doctors still want to yank out all the plumbing in this day and age!

    My word: "elatal" -- a fancy way to say, "elated!"

  7. margarine is NOT butter. Oy. Here's hoping they fix the fibroids good. My wush if it were me would be to yank that bit, but whatever works for you is good.