Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I'm done Elise's socks - booyah!!!

I started a Multi-directional Scarf
by Iris Schrieir out of some Lang yarn that I got at Julie's tent sale ... a couple of years ago!! LOL!!!

I was up at my sister's place this past weekend and they had a dreaded Snuggie. A lot of my friends from the Mighty Mart of Wal know about my deep distaste for Snuggies.
The Snuggie Ate My Baby!!! Amanda loves it & I may just have to choose between my love for Amanda and my loathing of the Snuggie. ARGH!!!

I went for my pre-chemo blood test today. My hemoglobin dropped from 110 last week to 95 this week. Normal is 120 - 160; Cdn Blood Services won't accept blood donations from donors with a level below 125. After a series of questions it turns out that having a period at this point, let alone my normally heavy one, is quite aberrant. The Dr. put in a requisition for a uterine ultrasound to "make sure that nothing is going on". I'm quite sure that what he meant was to see "wtf is going on" but he has a decent bedside manner. I'm hoping that my body has a will & way and that my Woman Power is stronger than chemo rather than anything else that could be stronger than chemo. I swear that I'm turning into a modern day Scarlett O'Hara - ther
e are a whole whack of things that I'm choosing not to think about until a whole whack of tomorrows. I am daily grateful for my friends (virtual & RL) and knitting to help me not think about what I choose not to think about.

Also helping with the not thinking is the snow.
I have been shoveling for the last two days - no worries, if I really wasn't up to it I'd leave it but it's excellent exercise!! It only takes about 10 - 15 minutes for me to shed my hat & winter coat. The sensation of snowflakes falling on my bald head is intriguing. And on a weird note ... I can shovel snow without a hat but sitting inside my head is cold without one. I know ... I'm already feeling where all sorts of unused-by-knitting muscles are!!

Julie is sending some projects & I totally need to sit down tomorrow & sort out the maths for the Windy Valley project.


  1. I must say my own girl bits are enough trouble that I heartily wish there were an easy way to shet em down. You certainly don't need your bits giving you extra grief! hopefully it is an easy fix....

  2. The Snuggie DID eat your baby!

    Girl bits are a bitch. Mine is one step from being ripped out -- except that I haven't given up on having a child first. It irks me in so many annoying ways...

    High-test iron tablets. That's the only way to keep up the red blood cell count and avoid anemia. Ask me how I know...

  3. That's what I'd've thought - nice simple fix but I appreciate that he's looking a the root cause. He didn't mention a fix for the low hemoglobin so I guess they're not terribly worried about it on it's own since I'm not exhibiting any real symptoms. I'm on the look out and I don't know if they know how suggestible I am. ::Yawn :: LOL

  4. Get lots of high-fiber food with those iron tablets. They can bind.

    And hooray for a careful doctor!

  5. Hey Scarlett - totally understand the "I'll think about it tomorrow" atttiude.
    Great that the doc wants to find the root cause.

  6. A little Doris Day...Whatever Will Be, Will Be...goes a long way too.
    And another thing:
    Women are like tea bags, you don't know how strong they are until you put them in hot water.
    Keep on fighting and just remember to listen to how you're feeling and respect yourself!
    Snow on a bald head? You're a braver soul than me.