Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Outgoing & Incoming

So I finished Elise's sweater for XRX and it is now in the hands of UPS. This is the best picture of it that I can show you ... I can't even begin to hold a candle to Alexis' photographic skills, so I'll leave the hard work to him. Check out the documentation that they needed me to fill out - I put the same info on all 3 pages!!!

Now that that is done I'm back to China Clouds - I cast off for the LF
armhole. I'm so happy to be back into this project!! The only problem is is that after working with Alsan Trends 100% alpaca, even Rowan's DK Tweed feels rough!!
Joan & I are heading to Julie's on Saturday - she has been posting so much about all of the new fall stuff that I just couldn't stand it any more!!! I'll be picking up a project using Kauni ... it'll be my first time using the yarn & I'm so exited. You know me ... anything variegated!!!

I have developed some swelling, most likely because, even though I'm sure that I have a whack more, having 7 lymph nodes removed has reduced my capacity for effective drainage. It's still not as painful as before the surgery and doesn't interfere much with my knitting, but it is seriously uncomfortable & distracting. My most trusted non-MD advisor is an RMT and she reminded me that I need to get up from my standard seated knitting position and do some moving & stretching of my arm to help encourage whatever drainage I can. To that end (and because getting up and just stretching really isn't my forte) I have dragged out the Chatelaine Mystery X (which really is no longer a mystery, but still ...) cross stitch to work on.
The x-stitching motion fits the bill for arm movement that is lacking in my knitting. I'm excited to be back into this project to - like most x-stitches the picture totally does not do it justice!! I love Martina's Mandala designs!!

Tomorrow we're off to the beach - I promised Amanda and it's time to pay the piper. It's supposed to be sunny & hot so she get's to take a friend (the better to leave me to my knitting) and have fun. I can't wait to get beach pics of her - she's growing up so much. Can you believe that summer vacation is half over?!?

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  1. The cross stitch is gorgeous. The Chinese Clouds just blows me away (OMG you're good!!) So sorry about the swelling. Isn't there a gentle self-massage you can do to promote drainage? I think it's called efflourage. It takes time, but you WILL be back to normal! Hugs and cuddles.

    Usually, I would knit a prayer shawl or sew a comforter for someone with cancer. For you, it seems like sending coals to Newcastle. Is there anything we can do to comfort you? What's your favorite yarn weight? fiber? color?