Saturday, August 7, 2010

Still with the Old & In with the New

It was such a wonderful day - the weather was perfect for a drive, Joan was lovely company - we got well caught up on the dish, Holly had the hands that I remembered and Julie had even more wonderful yarn & books than I remembered.

Holly was my massage therapist while we lived in Milton - she treated me for upwards of 10 years & did the labour & delivery massage for Amanda's birth. When she knew that Joan & I were pretty much driving by she invited me by & after 5 years away it was like no time had passed at all. I didn't realize how much I missed her treatments & listening ear so much until I saw her again. She is awesome & beautiful ... and while she is wishing for the best for me I wish her the best as well.

I picked up
some Kauni for a Beverly Cardigan & Mille Colori Big for a Ginormous Cabled Cowl for Julie. Joan & I wandered & poked around for a couple of hours and though I had no special thing in mind except exploring all of the new & excellent fall offerings, I came away with a Zauberball lace weight from Skacel, probably for a Lacy Baktus or Revontuli, a lovely glass shawl pin from Moving Mud and a linen stitch scarf pattern from Churchmouse Classics.

No fear - still deep into China Clouds!! I finished the LF last night.

How many ends do candles have? I think I'm burning a star-shaped candle here!!! All the better to keep from thinking about the follow up appt on Thursday - I tend to be an shining optimist during the day with a powerful & deeply dark imagination at night. Maybe I should try flipping my sleep routine ... though that would suck for entertaining Amanda. Good news though - I don't have detectable bone or lung cancer!! SCORE!!


  1. Michelle Brisebois6:59 PM

    Thinking of you!!! Sending lots of positive vibes for a speedy and complete recovery.


  2. Yay for no bone or lung cancer!! And yay for a good visit with friends and a happy shopping trip! I'll start sending loving angels to you all night long to comfort you in the dark hours.