Friday, August 20, 2010

Gilda's House

We are lucky enough to have 1 of 2 Gilda's Houses in Canada here in Barrie. They offer a beautifully appointed house that hosts a variety of programs for cancer patients/survivors/families/supporters. It is brand new - the grand opening is September 17th so they are still getting settled. Like most charitable programs it runs on the dedication of volunteers and donations.

I have seen their yarn cupboard - it is sad. Acrylic that is very old - like matted on the ball kind of old. I am going to go through my stash and take in some decent yarn - nice acrylics for afghans, wool for felting, stuff that would ma
ke someone happy to knit with, give and/or receive.
I would like to ask that if you have any yarn that you think would fit this bill that you perhaps wouldn't miss too badly or would like to know that it is in different loving hands, please let me know {naturalbornknitter AT rogers DOT com}. I am going to be spending a lot of time up there (it's right beside the hospital!!) and will be helping out with some of the knitterly programs in particular and would be really thrilled to be able to share the pleasure of nice yarn.

I am knitting little hearts right now. Ann (Program Director) called me yesterday morning and asked if I could help out with some knitting. Apparently a young girl won a contest with Avon & is donating the $10,000 prize to Gilda's House. She & her mother wanted to knit these hearts for the ladies at the presentation where she will be giving a speech. This was a lovely plan until they found out that there were going to 400 Avon ladies there!!! I know - and they need them by the end of this month!!! I told Ann that I would not be able to do all 400 but would do my best to help out - realistically I will probably only get 100 done. I'm trying to get as much done on the Beverly Cardigan - that's deadlined - and still crank out the hearts. Knitting the 2 halves takes about 15 mins, sewing & stuffing takes about 10. I'm thinking that once Emily is home that I can teach Amanda the seaming/stuffing - it's totally not hard - & I can focus on the knitting. Or I'll talk to Ann on Monday when I go up for yoga and see if she wants to put together an evening where it can be a party. LOL Here are the first 10.


  1. What a wonderful young woman! Those hearts are so pretty.

    I'll go through my stash. Good on you!

  2. that's lovely. On many levels.

  3. Just tuned in today after a long break, and wanted to send along good thoughts, and wishes with hope your recovery is smooth and quick. I also have to comment about the McD's iced coffee thing. I thought it was just me, but it's rare that I don't come home with one of those in my hand. I'm so addicted. Take care and thanks so much for sharing your journey ;)

  4. Thank you so much for telling me about the yarn cupboard at Gilda's House! I have a few boxes of yarns (acryilcs, cottons & woll) that I did not want to freecycle. If you need any help running knitting programs there, please let me know as I am very close by :) Actually, my husband installed two of the kitchens there as is cloes to our hearts :) Can you let me know who to drop the yarn off to? Thank you :)