Saturday, August 14, 2010

On & On

Thanks everyone - all of your comments, cards, emails, positive thoughts & prayers are so appreciated and give me strength when my own strength wanes.

Amanda takes good care of me - she is a
most excellent aesthetician-in-the-making & maid, along with general minion extraordinaire. Don't tell her, but it makes her bouts of teenage attitude slightly easier to bear.

Kerwyn surprised me with flowers yesterday - a "good diagnosis" cheer. Along with wine & Chinese for dinner it was perfect, especially since there is always enough Chinese for leftover the next night!! No, I don't sit with the flowers all the time, just for the photo op. Just when I thought the romantic in him had gone for good!

I spent some time outside chillin' on the deck. I have become seriously addicted to McD's Iced Coffee.
A large vanilla iced coffee with an extra shot of vanilla totally hits the spot every time. I am dreading when they take it off of the menu which I'm sure they will when the weather turns. No ... not thinking about that!!! I have never been a fan of cold coffee, when my hot coffee hits that just-past-lukewarm stage I can't even drink it, but there's something about this iced coffee ...

Getting on with the Beverly Cardigan. At this point I have 422 stitches on the needle and am increasing 8 sts every 2 rows.
I know, but just 9,280 more sts to go before I should be able to split off the sleeves - if my row gauge isn't too tight then I'll have to put in some extra rows. Fingers crossed!!!


  1. Kewyn and Amanda are doing things right! Wasn't she a little girl just about two weeks ago? She's a beautiful young woman!

    Those roses rock! you deserve them at least once a week, but I know that would run into money that you could otherwise spend on yarn, so I understand the trade-off. Maybe he could just rub your feet while he tells you how beautiful you are to him. At least once a week!

  2. Maybe the Sbux people can be bribed into making the coffee for you during the next round of treatment??? People? Can we lobby them to do the right thing??

  3. Wannietta dear: am thinking of you so often and wishing you so much good. It will register. Fingers crossed!