Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Life's a Beach

We had a great day at Wasaga Beach. I found the free parking lot that I always park at (though it's been a couple of years) after nearly stroking out at the $16 that the main beach parking lots were charging. Seriously ... on a week day?!? There was some sprinkles that we sat through then when thunder started about 1/2 hour later I made the girls pack it in. By the time they had made the 1st trip to the truck and come back the thunder clouds had passed by so I gave in to the pleas and we stayed another 3 hours!
Amanda is so photogenic & a beauty already! The picture of her running in the waves makes me think of her in a Survivor challenge - she'd totally be the smart, hot chick!!!
After a shower to get the sand out of all the places that sand manages to get I sat outside & watched Kerwyn toss the ball against the side of the garage. I love watching him. He has this cute little habit of examining the ball for defects then wiping it off on his shirt if he misses it.
I took a picture of me before we set out -
the hat is a classic Chic Knits bucket hat.
I made progress yesterday on China Clouds & Mystery X & got a bit more done today at the beach on my Creatively Dyed Sweet Spot strip. I love how this is patterning!!

Sorry about that crazy pink yesterday - I don't know where that came from. Trying something new - again - today!!


  1. You guys make a good looking family!

    Amanda -- definitely the hot chick on Survivor....maybe in a couple of years?

  2. How about America's Next Top Model? Nahhh - she's too sane and well-balanced. I gotta agree with Anne - you are a damn-handsome family!

  3. Thanks - she totally got the best of both of us! I don't know if I would have the strength to watch her on ANTM; I love that show but that would be a hard one.

  4. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Where have the years gone? Has Kerwyn started building the razor wire electrified fence with cyclone barb on top yet? And Dobermans inside for the boys who make it past the fence? That young lady is gorgeous (just like her Mom)!

  5. Hmm, i was thinking the running ou of the water pic was more Bond-girl.....

  6. She's certainly a teenager now Holly - Kerwyn is totally on the look out for boys!!
    I didn't think of that Carol - I'm totally down with her being a Bond girl!!