Monday, June 19, 2006

The Smoke gets in your Eyes

Not that I opened the smoker a lot - just a few times to spritz the ribs and add some sauce at the end - but it was worth some watery eyes to get these. I love the smell of the apple & hickory smoke. These ribs were quite fatty and not very meaty, but now that I know I can not screw up Bah'-buh-Q (it's all in the southern accent) I will use better ribs in the future. Oh - I inserted some lick 'n taste code so that you all don't feel left out. Let me know how it works. (No, those aren't bite marks! I had to cut some off to taste it - I certainly can't just throw food on the table without knowing if it's any good! I mean, really.)

The hot tub has a slow leak from a cracked pipe and at least one of the jets is le
aking so I had to empty it so that Mark can fix it this week. Say it with my friends, "Ca-ching"!!! Loathe to waste all of that water, I had the children watering the flower beds with it. I've had it off for about a week so the chemicals must surely have dissipated enough to not kill the plants. It made sense when I thought of it, but writing it down now I'm having second thoughts. And yes, while they look hard-working and dry in this picture it went downhill quickly. lol I drained the rest of the water out aound some trees that looked like they needed it.

Amanda has had a wiggly tooth for some time now. She will come to me occasionally and say, "Feel how wiggly it is now!" "Is it l
oose enough to pull out?" I told her that I could pull it out, but it was still in there enough that it would hurt a bit. Well last night she just couldn't leave it alone. She worried it around enough that I just gave it a tug and Wallah!! the cutest little Toothless Wonder! (The name is something that she's been saying - I think she picked it up from Kaylie) A little whisky-soaked paper towel stemmed the small amount of bleeding and this morning she was having a grand 'ole time tonguing (that looks weird spelled out!) the hole.

I have made decent progress with the final edging on the Tina Shawl. It took about 10 repeats for me to really see the pattern and not have to follow the chart for each & every row. I'm almost at the first corner - I'll definitely take a picture of that if it works out!

8 more days of driving - and on the last day I don't have to do my high school so I can sleep in!!! Relief and excitement seem like opposing emotions, but I've got 'em both in spades!!!


Since Cynthia has made the effort to think of a word specific to me, I will do this meme.
Please leave a one word comment. This word will be one which you believe best describes me.
Julie, Kenny & Matthew - if you're game, consider yourselves tagged.

Meme - who'd've thought that a simple blog game had such deep & complex roots?


  1. I have to leave my word but first I must say that Nick is trying to lick my computer screen (we don't eat pork and he loves it so there you go) - we love our smoker (we probably don't use it enough); great method for cooking. Good luck with the plants! And the crack! Crap!

  2. LMAO!!!
    When I told Amanda that I was going to put "lick 'n taste" on the picture she said, "how do you do that?" I told her special code, and bless her almost-9-year-old heart, she took it hook, line & sinker!!

  3. It's dinner time and boy do those ribs look good!!! I am thinking about my word for you. I am having a hard time narrowing it down.

  4. Yum, ribs. Just about any meat on the BBQ is fine by me. Can't wait to see the finished shawl.

  5. Oh, I've never been tagged for anything. This is so much fun. Ok . . . one word. Hmmmmm . ..


    I think that sums it up :)

    Oh, you have to drive highschool students. I feel so sorry for you :O

  6. I feel so ripped off! I posted my word yesterday and it didn't seem to make it onto your comments.

    DUCHESS! (sovereignty of lace)

    It is your word Wanietta..LOL

  7. meticulous-hope I spelled it right

  8. Hi Wannieta. I saw a comment from you about a meme and I am going through your archive to find it. Sorry, but I've been pretty out of it lately. Don't really get around to reading the blogs of others.

    I can't even bring myself to blog about my depression. After trying to open my life to the world, I have some of my "friends" tell me that Kenny is just doing it for the attention. But blogland seems pretty safe.

    One word to describe you would be fucking sassy. I just love your tone when you write. It's just so, "listen bitch.... this is how it is."

    Hope that makes sense.