Thursday, June 22, 2006

Over the Edge

Or should I say 'Around the Bend'? I've turned the second corner on the Tina Shawl edging and it's lookin' fine. For this picture I just pinned out the edge quickly - I'm sure that it will look even more sharp and stunning.

Cynthia & Ada - No wheel, and by extension not a spinning wheel. (Although I'm sure that Lorraine is plotting & conspiring as we speak and that the words "spinning", "Wannietta" and "convert" are being bandied about frequently).
Roxie - It's not alive. (That should count as a hint).

Hint #2:
What?!? You want that this should be easy? Geddoudaheah!!

I don't know how Rampant Bicycle finds all of her cool links (maybe she doesn't really have a day job) but I luv 'em. This link to fictional swears had me in its thrall. I had to give my head a shake and walk away from the computer to break the time-sucking spell. I think that I've earned several of the Insomnia Badges - what bagdes from here would you be able to sew on?


  1. Allow me to say that it already looks sharp and stunning!

  2. since i can't really see the mini picture--i'm guessing it's wicker of some kind....

  3. Pretty! Some day I will be able to knit like that. Oh yes. I will. ;)

    Thanks for the kind words! (I totally have a day job, I swear! I just read very fast... :))

  4. I made the Tina a few years ago, and yes it is a totally stunning shawl when finished.

    Wannietta, I really did think you were gonna get a wheel, specially after spending all that time around Judy and Lorrainne, does this also rule out a drop spindle, I would have thought Lorraine would have talked you into one of those by now.

    Have you seen here drop spindle hand spun, knit quilt? it's stunning.
    I don't have a guess for today, my first and only guess was wheel.

  5. Just started looking through that profanities link Wannietta, thanks for that!!!! Had to tear myself away, had to laugh, there is a word from Viz comic, I used to read Viz, looked to see if they had a web site, course they do,

    Definitely raunchy and definitely not for kids.

    Of course we read it when we were kids! LOL.
    Now I have to go see if I can get that comic sent to me here.

    Back to the link.

  6. Of course you'll be spinning soon. Think of it as an alternate posture on the path of knitting, to help ease those durned headaches. (How's that for fuelling the conspiracy theory?) Oh and my word for you would definitely have to be "fast". (If you read that last sentence backwards, it spells "Wannietta is a spinner.") L:

  7. Sigh. I thought you spun already.

    Hey, dude, you got the aura, why not get the skill? It makes you yarn you like. Need I say more? :-)

  8. The shawl is stunning! You realize, in the last few days, you have accomplished as much lacework as I would have done in a year? Bravo!

    Your hints are fiendish. The photo looks like a nutmeg grater. Hmm - it it some sort of storage system for your yarn? No, you said it was small. Knitters need vast storage systems. I'll guess it's a fancy basket to carry the current project.

  9. LOve the shawl Duchess! Even if it's not a spinning wheel this time, you will be spinning in the future - how can you not? You are going to love it; you will be spinning Duchess, you know you will!

    I am not guessing - I love surprises!

  10. tina looks fabulous. I think it took me longer to do the edging that the rest of the shawl