Monday, June 12, 2006

a Bit of This & a Bit of That

Fiona's sweater is done - here is the hand-off. Starbucks is our meeting place of choice - I love my Red Eye!

Last Wednesday I
took another group down to Medieval Times and this time I brought Amanda along. Hey, other schools call it an educational trip, who am I to question this & why should Amanda miss out? Here is M'Lady Amanda enjoying the action.

I have started on Joanne's sweater - trust me, not enough to be interesting yet. I am going to make some serious progress on the Tina Shawl this week. Photo-worthy progress, I promise!

I have got to buckle down and write a short article for Spinners' Quarterly. I've been working on it, but I have to have something off to Lorraine by weeks' end. (When I say "working on it" I mean a lot of contemplation and mulling, with very little zero emphasis on physical recording) No, I don't spin. Not that I won't if the team needs me to next year, but there will have to be some intense training. Anyway, I'm going to write a short piece about the B2B Wool Challenge. So go on over to SQ and subscribe!!!

My poppies have finally bloomed! Everyone else had poppies waving in the wind and I was beginning to despair for my own, but here they are. I love them!!!

I think that you are now pretty much caught up on my comings & goings. Don't forget that you can Pledge Me for the Cdn Cancer Society's Relay for Life. Just click on "pledge a participant" and search my name - Wannietta Prescod. No pressure, I'll keep writing my blog and you can keep reading it. There are so many worthy causes to support and we all have personal reasons for the ones that we choose, but if I don't ask ...

Have a great knitting day!!!


  1. You're not going to show us that sweater are you?

    You need to recommend me to Fiona. I like want to knit so many things, but it's just too dang hot here in Houston to knit anything.

    So must as well knit for someone else right?

  2. Lovely Wannietta, we don't get to see it??/


    I emailed you a few weeks ago, since I didn't get a reply I didn't want to send more just incase you just didn't want to email me back, now I wonder if you didn't get the email. Could you email me privately please, my email addy is in the knittingincanada list. If you search for min in the members list I come up at the top.

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  4. Can I please paint one of those flowers? Brian's Grandma like those.

  5. See I was thinking the same thing - that sweater is in the bag not out for show! Love your poppies; they are beautiful. Love that kid.

    I plan to read your article so get going on it!

  6. love the poppies i grow the flanders field ones and have a lovely picture that I took on my good camera and sucessfully entered in a local show. It is currently framed in a gorgeous black frame.