Friday, June 16, 2006

On My Own Again

Kerwyn left. I got a kiss & a hug then he picked up his bags and left. He's halfway around the world in China for the next couple of weeks. So my loss is your gain - I will be a better blogger so that Kerwyn can stay up on what we're up to.
Kyle said that Ms. Bolsby told him that he & Ryan will be getting around 80% for their geography project.
Amanda got 10/10 on her spelling ... again. She thinks that she got the bonus word right too! I think I'm tired of perfect. No, I'm just tired. Perfect is, well, perfect!!

I have started going for acupuncture treatments. The last couple of migraines have required multiple doses of Zomig and I have too much to do to be debilitated by mind-numbing pain and waiting for relief that is not forthcoming. After 2 treatments I do feel some relief from the constant stress-induced pain in my neck & jaw, so I am optimistic for the migraine-relief potential. Here I am posing as the human pin cushion (he only uses 6 needles altogether, so it's not so bad).

Cheeky Monkey ha
s used up another life. I've lost count of how many he has left - anyone else been paying attention? I came home and found this:

And then he had the nerve to sniff at it like he'd never seen it before and look at me as if to say, "It's not mine - I'm sure I d
on't know how it got all around here!" Tell it to someone who doesn't have kids cat -

I'm wise to the lies. Uh-huh.

Amanda has made the following shish-ka-bob for Kerwyn. She is, however, quite concerned that it will not be quite fresh 14 days
from now and has offered to eat it for him and tell him about how good it was. I have not been neglecting my knitting . The Tina Shawl is ready for the final edging. It is knit sideways and attached knitways as you go. My 1st Hawaii sock is finally done. I can knit a Tina Shawl but the simple lace pattern on this sock had me making mistakes like a rookie & swearing like a seasoned sailor. But it looks fine, so all's well that ends well. I just have to summon up the motivation to do another one. I think that I will go back to nice plain socks for awhile after this. lol

Jocelyn - You are more than welcome to paint my poppies. (Is it just me or does that sound a little pornographic?) My real ones are starting to go wiltey, but you're more than welcome to work from my pictures. I'll print some for you if you'd like.


  1. Okay while selfishly I am happy that you will be the uber blogger for the next couple of weeks I could not imagine being away from Ed for two weeks!

    The shish kebob is wonderful; what a cutie! I love the cat; they are total buggers!

    The shawl is fantastic - I haven't even started on my Amazing Lace project yet and I see that familiar pattern in the socks..or am I wrong?

  2. Oh yes...about those migraines. I feel so absolutely bad for you - I had cluster migraines in University and they were so horrible. My thoughts are with you. This weather does not help - I know my Fibro has been terrible with the changes in the heat and humidity. I do hope the acupuncture works for you - I love it!

  3. The lace pattern on the shawl is beautiful and the sock is really pretty. Here's to sock #2.

  4. There definitely must be something in the air. I didn't tell him I didn't love him, but I did go so far as to give him the look [you know, the one that comes from years of parenting] that made him hide in the basement for a better part of the day. [g] I felt I was silently heard.

    Sorry about your migranes. I hope the acupuncture takes it all away.

  5. So sorry to hear about the migraines, I used to get sinus/allergy induced headaches daily, Doc thought they might be migraines for a while till we figured out they were allergy related.Every single freakin day man, I thought I was going nuts, so I can sympathize to some degree.

    Umm, that cat is too cute, what a monkey though, glad my cats just chase odds and ends of yarns and not actual balls.

    And how is it that everybody I know is travelling abroad recently, and now you tell me your old man is in China! I am soo jealous, I would love to go there. Me I get a trip to Borden next week and maybe (fingers crossed) a trip to Quebec city the week after! Wow, so far and wide I go.....

  6. Hey baby, paint my poppies!! I'll have to remember that.

    Awesome lace pattern. I'm amazed everytime I see one because I can't do it and it just makes me angry when I'm trying. :)