Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Amanda has made this little countdown board - all together now - AWWWW!!!

And in the interest of self improvement - not just blurting out every little thought that comes into my pretty little head - I will let you guess what my new thing is. I'm not cruel, I'll give hints. And I need to amuse myself somehow until it gets delivered.
Hint #1: It's small but not tiny. I know, but we've got a w
eek or so and I don't want y'all to guess straight away!

Sorry, no Tina Shawl pics today (I'll try to do it first thing tomorrow morning, before anything else distracts me - like the knitting of the edging), but I did take these pictures of a dandelion gone to se
ed at the yard where I park my bus.


  1. Does this thing have a wheel?

  2. Does it need to be fed? Like a shetland sheep or an angora bunny?