Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A New Distraction

Douglas Cootey writes a great blog. Informative and humourous. So while I'm sure that the link he gave to LibraryThing was intended to be helpful (and it was - I'm about halfway through my library) is seriously harshed on my knitting groove. Props to DC though, it's a cool Thing.

I'm almost at the halfway point of the final edge of the Tina Shawl - despite an acupunture/chiropractic appointment this morning (it helped so it was worth it), LibraryThing cataloging and a bit of a re-write on my Spinners' Quarterly article. Pssst - did you subscribe yet? If you get the issue with my article and carry it around I'll sign it when we meet. Maybe you'll be able to say "I knew her back when ..."

Thanks for your words so far - amazing how people can know you even if they've never met you. Très cool.

Another driving lesson

When you're Sunday-driving along at barely 80kph and you come upon a section of road with 2 lanes on your side where the sign says "keep right except to pass" it does NOT mean to "keep right, speed the fuck up to 110pkh so that no one can pass you so that you can drop back down to barely 80kph when the passing lane ends". And you know who you are because you read my lips asshole!!!

Whew! Been holding that one in all afternoon and almost had to take it out on other peoples' children. lol
I don't speak a lot about what I watch on tv, maybe because I watch so much of it that it would turn into a tv blog instead of a knitting blog. But I have to confess that I love my reality tv! I love Survivor, Amazing Race and my dirty little summer secret - Big Brother!!! BB7 starts Wednesday and I'm totally stoked - voting!!!! I am also right into the new show Treasure Hunters. Summer is full of re-runs, but I love CSI (original & Miami - NY not so much), Law & Order (original, especially any episode with Lenny & CI), Criminal Minds and Without a Trace to watch them over (and over). I'm a 'live in the moment' kinda gal with movies & tv shows. I either forget whodunit or how they dunit or some other key element of the plot that makes it almost new to watch it twice (or thrice).
Then I also have my movie network and a nice collection of movies on DVD (yes, I watch them over and over). hmmmm - there's probably some sort of DVD cataloging site out there. NO!! Don't tell me about it!!! Knowing most of what happens makes it a whole lot easier to knit while watching them. (and when I say 'watching' I mean with my ears and the occasionly glance up) Yeah, you know what I mean Ada!!!

Geez - no pictures! I'll fix that tomorrow. Along with an announcement (hint: every time Kerwyn goes away I get something new. I think that I'm compensating or something)


  1. Thanks for the Library Thing (I know it will get me into trouble - enabler - hey there's another word for you Wannietta!).

    Love reality TV too - especially BB and Survivor - LOVE LOVE Law & Order (I drive Ed nuts; he's like "haven't you already seen that episode?" - yes maybe 10 times before but who cares - love Lenny). Any Law & Order will do. Also love Grey's Anatomy and definitely British TV. You have to check out Little Britain on BBC; hilarious show. Okay clearly I too watch way too much TV but hey good distraction while you're knitting right?

  2. I think that forgetting the whodunnit thing is because you are watching with you ears. Me Too!

  3. Hey, it's not like I watch tv and eat bon bons (a la Peggy from Married with Children) my television watching is productive! I love tv - it's one of my favourite places along with online. How can you have too much of a good thing?

    LMAO Rhonda!!! Methinks you're right.

  4. OMG BIG BROTHER!!! I heart that show. It is my guilty pleasure and I look forward to it all winter.

    Can't wait! {giggle, giggle} ;0)

  5. Not a reality tv fan, but love csi original and miami, but not so much NY either Wannietta. I also watch with my ears, it is a very productive time for me. I watch a lot of Brit tv too cynthia. Could be the Brit in me, love blackadder and keeping up appearances, my family, and so many more.... Just sold the idea at my knitting night that we do some pink squares for Ya! Should see how that goes in a few weeks.

    What could this announcement be, in my very narrow vision it has to be fibre related, a wheel? Ooh, that would be cool.Hurry up with the piccies.....