Monday, June 5, 2006

The Envelope Please.

I have deadlines looming like the Sword of Damocles so this is going to be short and sweet. Yes, sweet.
The Toronto Spiders (a pretty good-looking bunch, if I do say so myself!) successfully completed their B2B sweater in a new Canadian record time of 6:51:15. This is 40 minutes faster than the old record. It was a lot of fun. We got off to a fantastic start, beginning our knitting about 5 minutes after the first fleece was handed out. It was certainly a spinning/knitting marathon with Lorraine & I knitting for over 6½ hours with only a couple of short (<5>t unattainable. Here is a link to Flickr where I uploaded my pics - Emily helped by taking the ones during the Challenge. Thanks for all of your moral support - it really helped to know that we had a cheering section waiting in the wings!! We'll try to set a time & date further ahead for next year so that you all can come & make a day of it.
There is an American team competing this year (next weekend) for the first time - Good Luck!!!

py Anniversary to me!! Kerwyn brought my Deck Appliances home. Yes, the BBQ is quite large (those are 2 large-ish pork tenderloins grilling away), but I totally love it!!! The smoker is quite big too, but the better to cook for a crowd.

I also found me one of these. After much airing
& Febreezing it no longer smells of cigarette smoke (yes, I bought it from a yarn store) - I just really loved it and didn't want the hassle of returning it & sourcing another. Jordana was so awesome about helping me find one and offering cleaning suggestions. Her customer service rocks!!!

Amanda helped in the flowerbed - this is one of the things that she has been looking forward to with h
aving a house. I can't wait for the flowers to start filling out!!

Amanda gave me quite a number of handmade coupons for little things that we can do together or that she can do for me + some Tim Horton's gift certificates. Her cards were wonderful - remember me to take a picture to show you.

Sorry - no knitting in progress pictures. I just don't have the time to disguise & edit them into uselessness today. Fiona's sweater is almost done, Jenna's sleeves are done, but I'm going to be doing the rest of the sweater soon and Joanne's sweater will be started - not just swatched - any day now. Kyle loved his sweater - I've just keep forgetting remembering late to get him to put it on when I'm at home & taking a picture.


  1. Came here via the Harlot's web site. Enjoyed reading of your adventures. Angus?? I lived in Glencairn for about 4 years, before moving back to the states.

    Ah yes, Tim Horton's. Alas, we don't have any this far South West in PA. We always bring ours down with us from our trips up to visit hubby's family. It's a good thing we're going up in a month as we ran out last week.

    Looks like your set for the next BBQ.
    Congrats on the B2B sweater!

  2. Oh well done Wanietta, glad you beat last years time!
    I see Judy was on the team, I had never heard of the back to back until she mentioned it to me at a linen spinning workshop we were at together, she had mentioned that I should do it. I had no idea that she was part of the team!

    I am glad you had fun, what a lot of knitting though, I am still in awe of it being completed in that time. I still can't get over the sheep to shawl contests either though, fleece to woven shawl in 4 hours! Judy and I competed against each other last year in that!

    Congrats again.

  3. Holly7:13 PM

    Hey Wannieta,

    Happy, happy anniversary in your new home, now complete with outdoor cooking facillities. Think of all the time you will save by not having to ever clean your oven again ... extra time to knit.

    I hope that you got my positive energy that I was sending all day Saturday while you were slaving away at the knitting. I was slaving away shearing my own sheep, but no energy left for spinning or knitting those fleeces! Only twelve more to go.

    Congratulations on your accomplishment! May the record stand until you better it next year!


  4. Don't need knitting pictures when you have a nice garden started!! Tim Hortons coupons will warm anyone's heart :)

  5. Happy Anniversary!!

    Congratulations for the record breaking sweater! It looks like it was a lot of work and a lot of fun!

    Happy Knittng!!

  6. hi there
    i was just visiting linda at rosehaven and met the ram that "donated" the fleece to make that sweater!!
    small world!
    congrats on a new record! amazing.