Sunday, February 5, 2006

A Tale of 3 Swatches

Maybe I should have called this blog "What Wannietta Knit Yesterday!"

I'm not sure if this is a comedy or tragedy.
The 1st swatch was on 3.25mm Addis - too small. Next I tried 3.5mm bamboo - still a bit small in width. Up to 3.75mm Addis. This one is a titch big on the width and big on the length giving the stitches a loosey-goosey appearance, even for lace.
I would appreciate a second, third or -enth opinion from other lace knitters. I think that I will knit another mother-freakin' swatch on 3.5mm Addis. I just thought that the bamboos would be nice to knit on and they seem to have thrown a wrench in my swatch curve.
I will certainly be intimately familiar with these 24 rows of Chart
2. I hope that I will have enough yarn after all of this swatching, but will rip into my swatches if necessary.

I finally got into the Naturally sweater. I've got
a few ideas for a clever name but I'm going to bounce them off of Julie before settling on one.
This is going to be a basic v-neck man's sweater. I went with a 4 x 5 rib because in my experience most men don't like a fitted, tight ribs, especially at the waist/hip. I think this will make it more "young man" friendly.

And it is winter again! While we didn't get the 30+ cms of snow that was called for, Kyle and Kerwyn shoveled off about 15-20 cms between last night & this morning.
Our power was off for a couple of hours last night. Kyle was bored stiff and he shoveled the driveway rather than read. I played some board games with Amanda then laid in bed with her reading until the power came back on.
Hydro One is going to get a call from me regarding "Tracy". After 45 minutes on hold, I expect some information on what is going on. I also - as a paying (on time, I might add) customer, I expect this information relayed with courtesy and respect. While I'm sure that there were irate and rude people calling in, I was not one of them. Even after asking if the rest of the street was also out of power then asking if I had checked our main breaker - like we supply the power to the neighbourhood!! - I maintained my composure. And when she said that they weren't sure what had happened and were looking into it, I was kinda flip. "So what - are they just driving around in trucks looking for a downed line?" But considering that she is sitting in a lighted office building somewhere with heat still pumping in and things not getting warm and melty in her freezer, I think that I could expect better than her bitchy reply and then hanging up on me! Homey don't play dat!!

Edited to add:


  1. I've knit this shawl and I used 3.5 addis. Perfect size...and it helps to have the extra slippiness when you are doing the ruffle.



  2. At least your snow stayed on the ground and looks pretty. It just blows around here and makes everything wet! Toronto gets snow . . . it just doesn't settle down nicely.

  3. I like the 3.5 swatch - try the addis as I am always get a looser tension on the addis than with bamboo. I've got this started in back because I'm a sucker for punishment!

  4. Wow- you are a tropper. Swatching sucks.