Thursday, February 23, 2006

One Needle Wonder

I am finishing up the 11th row of the ruffle - finally!! Look - 2 days of didligent knitting and this is all I've go to show for it! I think that I am going to know off a quick garter stitch scarf after this just to feel productive again. (I think that this will be for the Dulaan project. Thanks Matthew!
I am using a 100cm (40") circular and I will be able to get all of the ruffle on it.
Kathy - I knit with my stitches very close to the tips. To facilitate this I have my left needle loaded so I don't have to shuffle the stitches up as much as others may. Here is what my needles look like as I prepare to knit.

Finish line in sight - if I squint a bit!


  1. omg-

    you really art the fastest knitter ever!

  2. Lookin' good!!

    I always think about you telling me to get my stitches closer to the tips of my needles when I'm knitting. *lol* Mine are close, but not so close that they'll fall off. Safety is key. *lol*

  3. Thanks Krista - speed helps a bit, but on the curcular needles and the lace it's more of a dogged persistence that's keeping the progress going.

    Sam - I laugh in the face of safety and while I contemplated using a recommended safety line I love the danger of this kind of "extreme" knitting. One slip and my life flashes before my eyes! lol Of course, this is coming from the woman who nearly sliced off the top of her thumb ...

  4. I knit like this too Wanietta, but all that shuffling along to make room for the next so many stitches was doing my bonce in, having three needles has helped, but it has it's own bunch of issues too, and I am tempted to go back to one, especially since I discovered a flaw in the nylon of one of the circ's I am using. I am on row 20 now, and will aim for finish tomorrow.

  5. YEAH!!! I'm so glad that I've convinced another person to join me on the Dulaan project! . . . and a Canadian at that! Thank you!

  6. Want some Crystal Palace circulars? They slide around very well and are really smooth!!


  7. What did I ever do to you Kenny? I thought that these were going to Kathy or Wendy? I read your blog!! LMAO