Monday, February 20, 2006

Olympic gold?

Sorry for disappearing like that. I started feeling a cold coming on last Tuesday and the good news is that it never really kicked into high gear. The bad news is that it has lingered on, and on, and still on. I finally don't feel like a wad of horked up, spit out and crumbled-up in a kleenex crap, but I have a cough that rakes the inside of my chest like a wool carder ripping through cashmere. The good news is that in spite of a week of low-grade crapiness, I was not too ill to knit (that would be beyond illness and into a state called death). The even better news is that Thursday and Friday were inclement weather days!! I do believe that St. Christopher is not only the Patron Saint of bus drivers in general but of Olympic Knitting bus drivers.
Wednesday saw 4,444 sts knit on the Flirty Ruffles shawl.

Thursday 12,420 (Kyle was technically at home but was out with his friend Larry).
Friday 10,172 (Amanda had a PA day and Kyle was around more).
Saturday 11,142 (Kyle was
around a bit, but Kerwyn took Amanda to the Toronto Auto Show). The calculations were simple enough - I even forced asked Kyle to do a couple.
Hot toddys kept the cold symptoms quiet and didn't interefe with my knitting. Kewl. The muscles through my right shoulder blade took a beating, but that's what spa bathtubs & massage therapists are for. And this is the Fortius part of the games - a strong finish.
I think that I might really get this done in time - blocking & everything. Believe me, there was some doubt before those extra days off. Needless to say the progress is visually apparent and I'm proud to show you! Even though the ruffle is still a major chunk of knitting I am really looking forward to it. No, I do not have a secret life as a submissive.

I know that Fiona will be glad to hear that I have not abandoned her and I have been working, if not diligently then sporadically with enthusiam, on her sweater and have finished the first sleeve and am 25% through the 2nd one. No worries - the deadline is not in jeopardy.

I have also gotten some work done on the Lacy Scallop Socks in the LL Hawaii. I don't get it. There has been so much fudging going on with this simple lace pattern that my teeth are starting to hurt and yet - knock on wood - I have had no issues with the Flirty Ruffles Shawl. Maybe I'm some sort of lace knitting savant. hmmmmm I don't think that you can see the multitude of small goofs. I've taken the picture in a tropical plant to make you think of Hawai'i and distract you. Admit it, it worked - didn't it? hee hee more subtly demonstrated spy skills


  1. You can do it!! The gold is definitely in your future!! :)

  2. That's what team mates are for - the moral support! Thanks Sam!

  3. Hey, I like that you took the pictures in the leaves. What a great idea. I'm always trying to think of interesting ways to feature my knitting. I just might steal that one.

  4. I love the Flirty Ruffles shawl. I want to make one soon.

    If anyone can accomplish gold for these knitting Olympics, it's you! You can do it.

  5. You are sooo going to make it. My darling daughter has decided that she needs to be involved in the knitting so I'm limited to nap time and after bedtime. I'm gonna be kicked off the team.

    The LL is behaving nicely in the Lacy Scallops pattern. Looks great (I can't see any goofs).

  6. Holy lace batman! I am amazed at how fast that came together (even with the extra days off). I'll be cheering for you at the finish ;0)

    Oh, and that cough sounds terrible. Don't forget: rest and fluids!

  7. Wow! That shawl is awesome! I really like the way the Hawaii is turning out this time, too!