Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Not all Fun ...

It's not all fun & Olympic games at Villa Prescod. Mundane life interupts regularily scheduled knitting like the commercials during your favourite program! But at least I'm stylish in my drudgery!

The Shawl is progressing with less and less apparent progre
ss. I know it's moving along because I move the ruler up the graph. However, when each row is 2 sts wider, visual confirmation of said progress is alarmingly lacking.

I am also working on the Top Secret Sweater which is also due come the end of February. I know.

I don't know how my Secret Pal does it, but these gifts show up just when I need a boost. Her (his? - I don't think so, but you never know ...) intuition about the little things that I like is uncanny. Sticky notes, magnets, a lamby Beanie Baby, a subtly vanilla-scented soap, stitch markers made with a letter W (I love Scrabble!!), and my kinda red!!! yarn. Thank you darlin'!!

Caffeine provides a fine boost of energy. But to really take it up a notch it must be accompanied by diabetic coma levels of sugar. Krispy Kreme has this down to a fine art which I savour and appreciate. MMmmmmmm Unfortunately there isn't one up here in Barrie, but that's probably just as well too.

Back to my knitting - Go (Knitting) Team Canada!


  1. I am glad the package arrived - it took a while and I was getting worried.

    I am happy you are happy :-)

  2. You got a Krispe Kreme in your neighbourhood!!! I thought they were dying out in Canada . . . you must be giving them enough business. Some of the ones in Toronto closed.

  3. I need to play this secret pal. i read on other people's blog how exciting it can be.

    Krispe Kreme is goooooood!!!

  4. There you go again, showing off your washer/dryer. Haha.