Sunday, February 12, 2006

And Miles to go before I Sleep

Blog entries are going to be slightly less wordy for the duration of the Olympics.
Pub Night: I took a few group pictures early on then got so caught up in knitting and meeting people and chatting that I didn't take any more. I had an awesome time - totally worth the drive and I will do it again for the Closing Ceremonies!!

has expressed her desire to be an Olympian Knitter. She has begun her Olympics by sorting out the tangle that used to be a ball of yarn so that she can knit a scarf.

Let my Olympic Experience begin!! From the humble beginnings on a bus, the Olympic Journey continued yesterday on the road. We had
shoes to buy (not as much fun as it sounds Julie - they weren't for me) and the we went to see The Chronicles of Narnia. It was very well done. Amanda actually fell asleep about 20 minutes from the end - she has been working very diligently on her "Towers, Tunnels, Domes & Dams" project. She chose the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

I didn't knit on Flirty Ruffles at Pub Night - too many distractions & not enough chart-spreading around room. I didn't take the Top Secret Sweater. I'd make an awesome spy - I can totally keep a secret from most people!!
Instead I worked on the Naturally Easy sweater. After the 4x5 rib (I kept getting confused about whether it was k4, p5 or k5, p4!!) it was smooth - and as Amy noted - fast sailing. And besides, I don't want to get off to too swift of a start. This is a 16 day marathon and I need to pace myself so that I can finish strong. Yeah ... that's it!!

Kenny - The Top Secret Sweater is a sample for Fiona Ellis' next book. It actually is a secret so I am only bloggin the worst most un-knock-off-able pictures possible. Again, I point out that this is an essential 00-spy ability. Just sayin' ... And a simple but not insultingly so, engaging yest not mind-boggling so lace pattern? shameless self-promotion: I highly recommend my Knotted Openwork Scarf (easily made into a stole by doubling the cast-on # and length). Really though, Fiddlesticks has a lot of gorgeous lace patterns for a variety of scared-shitless adventure levels.

And as Stuntmother noted, the blog-world is pretty small and synchronous world. I had to talk to Krista as soon as I saw her in her Klaralund and we had a great gab!! She even took a short video of me knitting - it's on her site. It made Amanda & I laugh - check it out!


  1. The video is way cool. You are the fastest. Knit on!

  2. I had to watch that video about 5 times. That is UNBELIEVABLE! I knew that you were the fastest knitter but to see it in action is wild!

  3. Is that an alien scarf I see from Stitch N Bitch?

    Love it.

  4. Yes it is! Dave
    has one too - and he made a hat to match. Way cool Dave!!!

  5. The party looked like fun! I guess I should have went. What did the staff think about a room full of knitters watching the olympics . . . not a sight you see everyday.

  6. Wow, what a wonderful party!!! There seem like there are many knitters participating in the Knitting Olympics.

    I want to knit for somebody again, any projects you can pass on to me?