Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I am so easily distracted. It starts out by reading my favourite blogs. Then sometimes they will have an interesting link - gotta go! And then all of a sudden I've surfed to somewhere new and fascinating.
Long story short - I have a Johari Square. Wikipedia is awesome and now I also know a little bit about this tell me how wonderful I am self help tool. So, give it a go and help me learn something about how I real am!

I think that I'm really just putting off having to start that gigantic ruffle!! Kathy said that I will definitely need multiple circular needles for this - not that I'm not prepared, but still. I need one of those - whadaya call 'em? - coaches that atheletes have to help get their minds clear and focussed on the goal/finish line/prize.


  1. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Hi Wannietta!
    what a treat to find your blog!
    We met a few years ago when we took a course together at CSNF (Lily Chin, I think), then "met" again as we were both on Canadian Knitters.
    I lost that list and track of all my knitting friends on it when we were busying readying our house for sale (took 2 years to get ready, 2 weeks to sell), changing IP and moving into my Mum's old house to get that ready for sale.
    I see you've moved too! We're a short way south of you, on Airport Road.
    Anyway, belated congratulations on your move,and on your fastest knitter win!
    Best of luck with your Ruffles shawl - I've heard the ruffles take as long as the rest of it.
    liz :-)
    p.s. through your blog, I've been able to find the knitting canadian list again - for some reason it never came up on my searches. take care of your cold :-)

  2. Ah yes, distractions ... they are very much a part of my life too. Gotta love 'em.

  3. Hmmmmm, that was fun. I should have been knitting. I'm never gonna get a medal.

  4. Multiple circular needles???? What torture!! How evil!!

  5. It is still do-able on one needle, but I think you spend about one hour scooching it all around the needle and another hour plus knitting, we are talking of something in the region of 2257 stitches.

    I am one row 17, and have a battle plan to get me to saturday, friday with a big push, that leaves me time to finish the jaywalkers. It is getting easier and easier to be distracted, this ruffle does take almost as long as the shawl itself.

    I hope your speed knitting is helping out here Wanietta. My slowness is definitely hindering me.

  6. Hi Liz - What a small world it is!! I'm glad that you said hi - if you're ever feeling like a visit let me know. I don't stray too far from home most days.