Friday, February 10, 2006

The morning of ...

I am sitting here in eager anticipation of starting my Olympic Journey. But 'til then, I will share what else is new in my knitting world.

Olympic athletes cannot reach their goals alone. Julie sent out the 3.5mm Addis that I need to do my Olympic Shawl. She sent them super fast and put in the Opal that I had her set aside for me. This sock
yarn has the Official Cheeky Monkey Stamp of Approval. It looks very enticing but I will have to satisy myself with lustful glances and fleeting fondles between hard-core knitting.

I also bought myself a music stand. No, I don't play anything now, though I learned the trombone in school. But it has been on my mind for quite awhile that a music stand would be the perfect tool for holding my charts for easy reference while I'm knitting. I don't lose them sliding off of my lap and struggle to try to make them lie flat. It rocks!!!

Cheeky Monkey is an endless source of amusement. That is, in between having to be chased away from ankles, yarn, paper and plants. Here is a cute little pic of him chasing his tail.

And the Top Secret Sweater is coming along nicely. The
front & back are complete and blocked. I started the sleeves last night and they are really fun! Here is the best most uninformative and useless picture that I have.

I will have lots of pictures from the Opening Ceremonies launch party (Toronto) to share with you, along with the progress of my Flirty Ruffles Shawl.


  1. The Opal looks great. I'm on my way to Julie's this afternoon to get some of the new shades that came in. Good luck with your Olympic challenge!

  2. I love the Opal and I'm glad Cheeky Monkey approves. CM is adorable!!

    Good luck and have fun with your Olympic knitting! I'm stressing about mine. I'm sure I can get it done, but until it's finished there will be stress ... and a messy house. LOL

  3. Oh, what a great idea! I am a musician and I have several music stands . . . I always struggle with notes and patterns falling off my lap . . . or my cat pushing them off so that she can sit down.

  4. What a great picture of Cheeky Monkey! I LOVE orange and white cats! (The Opal is lovely too!)

    I'm looking forward to your Opening Ceremonies photos! I did cast on during the OC's at around 3pm today, but won't really get anything done till the kids are down for the night!

  5. In the wonderful interconnectedness of life (or the blogworld, either one) I read today on one of my favourite blogs that you helped her figure out her Butterfly issues last night at the Opening Games. And to think that I had wandered by your site only yesterday! What serendipity.

    Good luck on your Olympic Challenge. I'm in the training wings, striving to finish the four projects I have already on the needles (one to beat my son's birthday).

  6. A music stand. Great idea!!

    Now I'm inspired with your lace knitting. What would be a good lace pattern for a beginner.... well, intermediate. Not too easy not too hard and not too boring? I know, isn't that a loaded question?