Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Heirloom Potential

How do you know which potatoes are easy? (I thought that this was hilarious - the punchline will be at the end of this post.)

Look-ey at what came in the mail yesterday!!! I actually
started dancing from foot to foot and babbling "ooooo, ohhhhh, look-ey!!". Poor Kyle kind of took it in stride and his friend Larry listened attentively patiently, humouring the obviously simple-minded woman who explained about the virtues of the different yarns and the stunning complexity of the pattern. Larry nodded politely and with a smile, but had this "those sound like words that I should understand, but WTF???" look on his face. I'm quite certain that Kyle made all sorts of explanations about me and Larry must have accepted them because they came back later like nothing had happened and ate the dinner that I prepared.
But you all can understand such a decline into "coherent-challenged"!! I mean, I'm doing Flirty Ruffles for the Knitting Olympics, but this is a whole new level of lace. Whew! The thought of knitting this engineering marvel is both exciting and scary at the same time.
Heirloom Knitting sent this and it came so fast that I am blown away! Excellent customer service and attention to packaging details. BTW, this is a limited edition release of 500 patterns that will not be re-released until 2010. no mug-wumping if you want this pattern people!! (Your mug on one side and your wump on the other as you sit on the fence.)

Speaking of the Olympics - I will be at the GTA pub night and I am totally stoked about launching this event with other Team Canada athletes! And I'll get my jersey - I'll have to try not to spill food and/or drink on it or my knitting. That'll be an Olympic challenge in and of itself (I'm messy neat challenged).

The back of the Naturally Easy sweater is almost done. Blogger is not uploading this picture - I think that even Blogger is in awe of my Heirloom pattern! I will try later. I may just bring this along to Pub Night just in case I can't see/pay attention to fine lace knitting. The 4th swatch for the Flirty Ruffles worked out just about perfect - you were right Jane. 3.5mm Addis did the trick!

Swallow whatever is in your mouth - the punchline is next.

They have a sticker that says "I da ho"!!!


  1. I like a good corny joke every now and again. LoL

  2. congratulations on your Olympic venture. I don't think I'm going to take part . . . just too much school work to do. I'm debating about stopping by the pub (that's where I used to hang out when I was in Teacher's College) . . . but I doubt I will be able to. Good luck!!