Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ma Belle Gymnaste

And while she's balancing, cartwheeling & tumbling I'm knitting away.
Debra's jacket is done. The yarn is Schachenmayr's Lusso. Interesting stuff. I believe that it's an older yarn, no longer available, but if you can get it on sale it's worth it. Oh yeah - ignore the fancy safety pin "buttons". I've marked out the exact button positions for Debra as I didn't have buttons to put on. I think that picking out buttons after finishing is the best way. You can make a buttonhole that suits the trim & yarn and then find a button that complements the yarn & style of the garment and that will fit perfectly.

The Naturally Vero (col#11) sweater is coming along.
This is a super soft single ply with a long colour change - à la Noro. It's feels wonderful sliding through my fingers and around the needles but I have to pay a bit more than the usual attention as it splits easily, but it's pros outweigh this con. The woven rib/seed stitch pattern is involved but once you get the hang of it you can work without being tied to the pattern. Note to Naturally: A graph would have been nice. The colours are really nice.
Amanda's Stop & Go is going! She wants it a bit longer than the pattern & I think that I'll have enough yarn to do that. She is more optimistic about its completion. Good Mom award here I come!

I'm still waiting on the one colour to finish Elise's vest, but she's sent me more colours to do up another one so I'll swatch that out. The yarn is slightly lighter in weight so we may have to tweak the pattern.
Chic Knits. See the sweater in the top right-hand corner? Yup, I knit that!! It's wonderful yarn to work with & the variegation works out in a pleasing manner. I don't think that I knew the name of the company that produced it - I'm sure that Bonne will let us know.

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