Monday, December 4, 2006

Things that make me Happy

Amanda & I had a great time working on Saturday. Julie brought Roko down and he made a beeline for Amanda - puppies know who'll love them right! He's this wonderful ball of fluff and he loves yarn like Melo never did. Roko tried to taste every ball that his nose came close to and that included the Kidsilk Haze cuffs on my sweater! I had to show Amanda what a proper belly rub is though - Roko loved it.

I hadn't really intended on buying any yarn - I really just wanted to see and feel what was new.
But this skein of Fleece Artist merino knew my name, so what could I do? I mean, yarn that knows your name isn't a stranger and by following that logic it must be my friend and friends are always welcome to come home with me. FA doesn't name their colourways and I don't quite know what to call it. Pistachio in the Sky? Spring Blend? I'll think of something. (Yes, I played with PhotoShop. I don't have time to do mess with every pic, so maybe I'll have to give Kyle some work to do. It's cool though!)

I also brought home these skeins of Manos & Rio De La Plata. The Faded Begonia Pink has been in
my mind for many months and I really wanted to make something out of it for Amanda. I decided that the reddish Manos would be a wonderful background for it. I'm imaging/planning a top-down circular (I know, but I do it when I have to) with a fairisle pattern in the yoke and the edges. It's going to be wonderful!!!

Amanda was up out of bed - quick like a big bunny - this morning when I told her that it had snowed. She was a bit disappointed that it wasn't knee-deep, but she set to shoveling with the enthusiasm that only a 9 year old can exhibit! She also asked if she could clean off the van. Like she has to ask! I let her work play work until I had to leave.
Since I don't want to deprive her of this pleasure, I think that I'll not shovel the rest of the driveway so that it will be there for her when she gets home. I know, the sacrifices that a mother will make.

So I guess I'm pretty happy right now. I will have to ride that wave and get some current knitting done then I can dive into new knitting.

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