Sunday, December 3, 2006

Watching AR with Wannietta - part XII

Leaving during daylight - that's a nice change I'm sure!
Oh sure, now when there's no Yield the Models want to knock out the Blondes. (I know, but they didn't know that it was a non-elimination leg) It might be a case of too little too late.

I don't think that Rob's problem is a lack of motivation, it's a lack of control.
Hell no!!!
We had a meat grinder when I was a kid & I picked one up a few years back at a garage sale. It's great for grinding up leftover cooked meat for shepherds pie.
I'll just take your word for that dude and keep taking my hamburger nice and beefy.
Mohammed does not look amused.

You don't just need the clue Rob, you need a clue.
Is this your 1st day on the Race Rob?
The clue box is always tucked away somewhere.

You are such a pussy Rob - "Not me - you do it."
Just push it in but keep your fingers out of the way. (My grandfather lost part of a finger that way)
LMAO - I would just have to go around the corner while Kerwyn did a task or I'd be an even worse nag!!!
You didn't want to do the Roadblock so STFU Rob!
They must be blonde if they think that another team would just let them win!
It's one thing for Kim to use her feminine wiles. It's totally another for Rob to send her off to "use her sexuality".
I wonder if there was actually a rule about not going through the trees in the maze?
Walking around with a giant costume - a literal Giant costume? No, I don't think so. Tomatoe target?
Digging in tomatoes? Don't like that one either. Is there a 3rd choice? No, fine. Lob it, 'cause if they can throw them at me I'll bloody well lob it back.
Go 'Bama!!
Jump in front of one
- if it hits you the driver pretty much has to take you where you want to go.

You throw like a weak girl Rob.
I don't think that the clue is in a tomatoe Kim - maybe spreading out the pile would help. Rob, maybe you could spend more time looking in the pile instead of throwing (and missing) the people.
I'm sure that all of the costumes are equally awkward.
I'm not for quitting, but I'm sure that getting pelted in the head with tomatoes has got to sting a bit. As a man you'd think that Rob could summon up even a bit of sympathy for his girlfriend. And it's better to move on 5 mins into the task than later.

My bad - it was in a tomatoe!!!
This is why Kerwyn would be in charge of reading the clues - he's much more detail oriented. I kind of go with the gist of things.
Needle in a haystack, clue in a tomatoe.
Go 'Bama!!!
And the crowd loves good sports.

I think that anything anywhere sounds good right now as long as there isn't a time limit to work under.
That is one tall woman!!!
Can you imagine how bad they smell after sweating under those costumes?
I'm surprised that either team got a cab!
YAH "Bama!!!
Well it took a few more weeks than I would have liked & I don't take a lot of pleasure in it, but the Barbies are out. They did play hard but they didn't play especially fair, and what goes around comes around.
Anything can happen boys. #1 in the past means nothing next week. Never count a Mother out!

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