Sunday, December 10, 2006

Watching AR with Wannietta - part XIII

I would like to see 'Bama win (despite the way the did the Cho bros) but I think that James & Tyler will take it. Please, just not Rob & Kim!!Jinx!!

What a gorgeous building! Can you imagine what it's going to look like when if they actually finish it?
Everyone knows right away which church it is.
Don't worry so much about it - there's always a way to catch up. Leaving first isn't the key; arrival time is the thing. And you just never know with airlines - delays and shit are inevitable.

See? The Moms are looking ahead and planning a bit.
Go 'Bama!!!
Everyone underestimates a mom.
A tandem dive - no problem.
Will Rob make Kim do it? Did you see a banana peel?
Out of everywhere that you've been, seen & done this is what you're going to dwell on? Well Rob, you win some you lose some. Maybe this is a sign of things to come.
LMAO!!! Like a train has never run early before.

ART!!! ART!!! My sewing skills, or more specifically the lack thereof, would have us in Paris forever!! And engineer or not, Kerwyn isn't a seamstre(ss).

Go 'Bama!
Dudes - I watch Project Runway. Modeling has nothing to do with sewing.
Told'ja - art baby!!
I'll bet that the
Fashion Gestapo will not even use the jackets as pinned.
Oh my God Rob - get over it already!!
Stupid small airports!!
Geez, the truth really works!
Sorry Rob - that guy doesn't look like the hugging type.
What a nail-biter!!

C'mon ... just 2 more seats.
It's not over yet.
Stay with them ... Lose them ... Got to ...
HA ha ha!!!
Poor Rob & Kim ... still with the bad cabbie luck.
Of course, The Alamo. Looks just like it.
"I've been to ..." Famous last losing words.
'Bama must be totally out of it for them not to even flash back to them.
They were nice enough boys - I'm satisfied with them winning. Okay, I'm getting a little verklempt.

What a great race! When's 11 start?!? You can check here and here for some info. See you then & there!!

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