Tuesday, February 2, 2016

First one of the Year


Seeder is a fait accompli!
I went with a crab st rather than a double or single crochet around the armholes. I find it's a sturdier, more stable edge, and it gives it just a bit of texture.

It is now ready to send off to The Needle Emporium, so you can have a look in person if you'd like.

Now what?
To figure out where I left off on The Doodler!! It's been entirely too long, but I'm near into the 4th weeks clue.

I got this.

I had a minor terror yesterday. To let the puppies out for pee, I put them on their retractable leads, stand at the outside doorway, and they use the 16' of lead to do their business.
I apparently didn't actually latch Petey's lead to his collar, because he just kept trotting away!!
He's normally not the one to do a runner, that's Chica. But he did. I called in my happiest, "mommy's not mad" voice, offered "num-num's" for the hungry puppy, but he was not to be enticed.
I took Chica back in, went out on my crutches on the sidewalk to the side of the workshop, but he was nowhere in sight.
I was truly beside myself. I knew in my head he'd come back, lived pets know where home is, but my heart was beset with fear.
Chica didn't understand how she was on a lead and Petey got to go off on a walkabout.

I fed Chica, texted my work wife that I might not be in to work, and just keep whistling and calling. 10 of the longest minutes later, he came trotting back like all was right in the world. I reined in the instinct to yell at him for worrying me, gave him a treat for coming inside, (and gave Chica one for being a good girl), and rushed to get myself sorted after giving him the biggest hug ever. Idjit dog is lucky I love him so very much.

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