Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Valentine's Day has come and gone. Still one of my least favourite calendar days. 'Nuff said.

I did draw, finally, for the Denise 2 Go needles ... Teresa, please leave a comment letting me know the best way to reach you about getting the needles to you. and if you're the Teresa I'm thinking of, text me!!
Thank you to Yarn Canada for allowing me to try the Denise 2 Go needles out and the opportunity to share them.
Thank you to everyone else for participating. Since I know most of you personally, it was hard not to hope for all of you to win. You can watch the drawing if you'd like. Since I didn't have an impartial person to draw, I let the camera do the job.

I sewed today!! For real sewing!! I'm so happy, it's taken so long to get everything sorted with the machine and all.

I did darts and pockets. I know, not terribly impressive, but visible progress!
And yes, Kaffe fabric ... swoon.

I really don't like seeing by incandescent light, so I've packed up for the evening, and will be working on the Secret Shawl. I'm doing a crocheted bind off/edging which is not just a simple edging, but it is perfect for this piece so the effort is worth it!

I am resting my leg, finally, until I'm really fit for the rigors of retail. I should've taken time for the get go, but I am not one to cry "uncle" until I'm ready to go down for the count. The upside is I am knitting, sewing and cooking to my hearts content. Both of my legs are grateful.
The cast comes off on the 26th, but I'll likely not be for to drive and this walk much for at least a couple more weeks. But at least I will be able to bathe and shower at my leisure!! I will never take "jumping in for a quick shower" for granted ever again. It will be on my list of Things For Which I Am Grateful, right up there with eyelashes.

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