Wednesday, February 10, 2016

This 'n That

I finished my Doodler!! It's not been blocked, I really will do that this week, but it's done. I'm quite pleased with it.

I have picked up the Secret Shawl and have been working on it.

The linen had been hard on my hands, but I am pleased that it's almost done; tonight should see it to a conclusion.
I am a fiber snob, preferring natural fibres. I especially love the way that plant fibres soften with wear & work. It makes using garments made with them a special pleasure.

Chica loves her squeaky toy. She was quite amusing today in her gentle relentless chewing.

Petey has this quirk where he will "sing" whenever there is any operatic music, whether it's on the tv or stereo. Every. Time.
He also derives an intense pleasure from licking my toes.

I generally don't find it ticklish, so it's a winning bonding time for us.
Chica has never shown such an interest, so fortunately there are no fights near my 'ickle piggies!! She has her fave spot on my lap.

I took advantage of a cold day to defrost my freezer. It was well past time, but I needed an alternate "freezer" to use to get the job done whilst maintaining food safety standards.

Thank you Mother Nature!!

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