Sunday, January 31, 2016

Interminable Ribbing

I had intended to make real progress on the Amy Butler raincoat; transforming it from shaped fabric pieces into something approaching a garment. The Fates had other plans.

At some point the thread holder had been knocked off and some puppy thought it a brilliant chew toy. He had brought it to me the other day; I fm didn't know what it was, but it looked like a piece off of something, so I kept it. Sure enough ...
So my machine will be off to the shop again; hopefully they can McGyver summat.

Fortunately, I was not left without anything to do!
My lips are healed enough to practice my flute again. It was a bit rough, but felt good!

I hoovered, showered, having finally mastered wrapping the cast to waterproof it, and managing to not do further injury to myself getting in and out of the shower.
Then a lovely day of knitting.

Though the 2x2 rib seems interminable, the colors of Noro always make it a joy.
I am watching The Abominable Bride - should make the last 3" go quickly!

My leg is healing well. I was rather concerned that my gimping about on it sans crutch(es) may have buggered it up, but I come from sturdy stock!! Everything is healing normally, and in this context, I will be pleased with the label. I still have 4 more weeks of miserable restriction and reliance upon the generosity and care of others. Fortunately, I have a generous circle of friends watching out for and helping me.

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