Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Mail

I came home Friday afternoon and noticed as my ride pulled into the drive that my recycle bins had been turned right side up. I had left them upside down to keep snow/ice from accumulating in them I thought it passing strange, and when I got to my stairs I noticed that UPS had left my delivery in them.

Clever, as long as no one came by, noticed it, and reappropriated it. Because a UPS package has got to be good! It's secret projects, but at least you get the intro to the story.

Then yesterday I went to the post box and finally picked up my mail for the past week. I'm going to have to get my knitting in order so I can get in some spinning.

I won this fleece from Kim in the Storm the Fleece group on FB. I know - those colours!!! She included a surprise pkg of tea, which I am excited to try.

Todays post brought T-shirts.

I love teefury shirts, and have, with much self-restraint, not purchased any in over a year. I just couldn't resist when I saw these two.


"Stealing Time"
I have a few more on the way - $5 grab bag, with no charge for the upsize (American Apparel wears well but fits crazy small!!) Even with shipping + exchange, I'm happy to roll the dice.

The TRR Poncho is growing at a pleasing rate.

I started a child-sized Yuka sweater out of Bernat Giggles for Len's. Not nearly as pleasurable to work with, but needs must.

It's a lovely pattern; I think I should like to do one for myself out of something lovely when I get a day or two.

I went for physio today; got a list of exercises for stretching and strengthening to do at home. As well as a brace. Yes, so happy this is happening now as this would be a seriously not sexy look with shorts!
The chiropractor is quite fascinated with my injury and is looking forward to seeing my X-rays. Lol. He's not ever seen a break like this (high fibula, no lower ankle break, not from rolling and/or impact). He suggests that the muscles broke the bone by the way they sustained the injury. So I have weak bones and/or strong muscles. I'm rather more fond of the latter. I also found out that my ankle-modeling career is shot. Aside from the staple scars, this swelling, while it will reduce, will probably not diminish altogether for upwards of two years!! We are not pleased.
I also am in desperate need of a pedicure!!

Horrible cracks on my heel, not to mention the dryness all over my leg/foot. I'm creaming it at home, and doing my best to keep Petey from licking said cream off (weirdo).
I'm going to start driving again the end of this week, woo hoo!!! Freedom at last, again!!!

Okay ... Busy day, not quite over yet.

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