Saturday, February 27, 2016

Cast Off

Yesterday was cast off day!!! It was such a relief to be unburden!
It was not a pretty sight, and as I sat waiting for the final X-ray, I realized that the funky smell was coming from my leg - yuck!

The staples came out and the good Dr Casses declared me healed. I'll go for physio and get a brace next week, and my plan to return to work on the 14th is on target.

I had the most wonderful bath, slightly against medical advice, but the Epsom salts cleaned out the staple holes and I am none the worse for the experience.
The skin where the cast was is still delicate. I put off shaving so as to not irritate it further, and generously applied Glaxal Base cream. The bath certainly improved the appearance of my leg!!!

I am walking much better than I had imagined, though there is work to be done on stretching and strengthening. I'm not overextending too soon. The swelling is vastly reduced today, nearing on normal.

Resting was aided today by The Dreaded Lurgy. I have spent most of the day sleeping, both Gravol-induced, and sheer recuperative exhaustion. I have a crushing headache on top of it all. My friend and music teacher Myrelle dropped off Canada Dry. The puppies have been excellent nurses, gentle and sleeping with me.

Not much to show in the way of knitting ...
Joan loved the baby blanket (yes, I forgot to take a picture. I'll post one when she sends me one with the baby).
I've gotten a good start on the TRR Poncho, once I sorted out the gauge. 5mm needles were just the ticket, and it's just the easy knitting I need at a the mo.

Hopefully a solid nights rest will be the ticket to a more enjoyable and useful day tomorrow.

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