Saturday, February 20, 2016

All The Projects

I spent yesterday feeling rather poorly. Some sort of stomach bug had me laid low. No sewing was done, and I spent more time just holding needles than actually knitting. The puppies made sure that I napped enough.
I feel better today. Still not quite right, but better.

Better enough to make some progress on my Amy Butler raincoat!

I am really enjoying seeing a garment start emerging from the pieces of fabric. The laminate cotton has its challenges, but it is really fun.
The colourful Kaffe fabric distracts from my less-than-perfect sewing skills, but I am quite chuffed with the early results.

I am loving my new iron! Helen picked it up for me from Costco.

I haven't had one in ages, but a necessary tool for sewing neatly, and really, I'm an adult. I have clothes that should be ironed.

I managed to cast on another Bernat seed stitch baby blanket yesterday.

It's for a co-worker who is expecting, yes, a boy!! I really do love this Baby Blanket yarn.

I also couldn't resist winding a few balls of Lorna's Laces Cloudgate.

I'm going to be knitting up the Twice Reversible Ribbed Poncho by Churchmouse for The Needle Emporium. I'm planning to swatch tonight.

The puppies took turns today distracting me. They're just too cute to be cross at!!

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