Tuesday, January 19, 2016

All is as it was

Not much has changed since yesterday.
Knitting away on Seeder. One upside of not being able to drive (yes, curse my driving skills and having a standard; it's my clutch leg that's broken) is getting a ride. This means a nice 20 mins-ish of knitting to get my day started!

Crutching around work today. I joke that "it's arm day every day"! It takes its toll as the day wears on, but I'm going to have biceps of steel when this is done. Everyone is helpful - even customers, some of whom are sweet enough to put away their own fabric after I've cut it! But I'm stubborn, and while I try to modify some of my workload, I am kind of a full speed or all stop kinda woman. So, on I go.

I took a selection of (right foot) shoes to work today in case any single pair gave me grief, I could switch it up. My Chucks were solid though, and saw me through the day.

My poor toe doesn't cry out at the lightest touch, but is still looking rather pitiable.

I have tomorrow off, and am planning a sewing blitz. Looking ahead to warmer, wetter days,

this raincoat is on the cutting/seeing table. Amy Butler, ftw. It will be a sample for the store, then all mine!!

Back to Seeder, my fun for tonight!!

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