Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Raincoat, part I

Well of course the work table needed to be assembled! Whatever possessed me to imagine a world in which I could just take something out of the box and use it!!
It suggested 30 mins as an assembly time.

Keeping in mind my less than peak physical condition, and my drill battery was dead, charger nowhere to be found, I think I did well.

I will not be hard on myself. There were no leftover bits, and the table performed perfectly!!

Amy Butler/Westminster raincoat - I got the exterior pieces cut out. I have rediscovered my inner perfectionist and she can't just cut off the larger sizes on a pattern in the interest of being faster. I managed, but it was painstaking. I need some tissue/tracing paper so I can make size specific pieces which will make the cutting of the lining a snap!!
And I made the buttons.

Amanda was almost as impressed as I was!!
Then there was how much standing is involved in perfect piece cutting. I really need to pace myself better.
Yesterday I may have done a thing or five too much; I was hurting hard this morning!! I have given my work wife permission to punish me as she sees fit should I not be using crutches at all times or overdo it.

It was also a good mail day; Ipsy & Rowan!!

I napped and am blogging in between knitting bouts. It has been a good day.

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