Monday, January 18, 2016


I am on the final stretch of the body of Seeder.

It feels good to just knit on something so simple, but captivating. I am thoroughly entranced by the colours!!

Work was long today. I was in a foul mood for most of it - trying to catch up on days of missed paperwork, hobbling around, can't carry or lift anything, and tired af from a poor sleep last night and my body needing extra to heal.
But the day just kept moving along, me trying to keep pace. I ended up getting quite a bit accomplished and plans in place to get yarn sorted tomorrow so I can work on orders.
I had to change shoes near the end of the day. Crutching so much, bearing almost all of my weight and balance in my right foot, took its toll.

I have fucked up my 2nd<\sup> baby toe up hard!! Tomorrow might be a slipper day.
Petey is doing his best at kissing it better <3

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