Sunday, January 17, 2016


I finished the Vanessa Ives MKAL shawl a while ago. The recipient loved it, and it suited her perfectly!!

I was pleased with the finished shawl. The gradation is lovely!

I am done using the Denise to Go set that I was given for review by Yarn Canada , and as only seems fair, I am passing them along.

This is going to be a giveaway linked to my Instagram account. I know that not all of you are on IG, but if you are, please go on over, follow me -NaturalBornKnitter- , like the giveaway post, and tag three people. Then comment here, on this post, with your IG name.

Let's give this two weeks. I will then draw a name in some random fashion, and the winner will receive this Denise to Go needle set (minus the sz8/5mm - Petey thought that they were a good toy too!).


  1. Daphne_Kirkpatrick
    I hope you aren't excluding family!☺☺😉😉

  2. I won't hold your parentage against you ;) <3

  3. I think my IG is jen.labelle.12??