Saturday, January 16, 2016


Once again I find it's been ages since my last post. honestly, I'm not even going to check exactly *how* long
Len's Mill Store is open in Barrie!!! We worked so many hours getting it ready enough, and it's been a whirlwind! It's been very well received in the area, and Nic & I are confident that it will be a continued success.
I have been knitting. Knitting samples for the store, a personal project here and there, and always for Julie.
Here are pics - random, but there it is. one would think that I'd be better at catching up after all the times I've had to do if, but there you go



I've also gone and broken my fibula. Last Friday night, freezing rain, icy step, high torque twist, snap. It's a high break, but the treatment is to pin the ankle, cast it to below the knee and let it torture me for 6 weeks.

I've got a ride sorted to work, I'll be at the mercy of friends for provisional runs, and Helen shall once again be on laundry duty. It won't be easy, but I can't cheat, and must use at least one crutch to bear the my weight as it inflicts significant pain otherwise.
The cast, pain, and meds make sleep a challenge, but I do enjoy a challenge.
Three days in, the itching has begun. Nothing but the best scratcher for us!!

My fluting continues! Now that my work schedule has sorted out to less than insane, I can have my lessons regularly. Myrelle is wonderful, and is coming to me until I can go back to the Barn Music Studio.
I really enjoy playing, and am getting better, even though I play mostly for myself.

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