Saturday, November 21, 2015

Not dead

I have fallen off the blog, but I've been very busy. I've forgotten how very much work store set is. That being said, I'm enjoying it immensely!!

I'll gloss over the knitting tonight, I'll take better pics in the AM when the light is better. I have been knitting, truly.

I've also been playing flute. I still enjoy it, and have been looking for one of my own. Myrelle has been lending me the one she has for students, and has been helping me in my search.
I happened upon a couple likely candidates today, and with help from Myrelle, find myself the proud owner of a Powell Sonaré.

It's going to take some extra attention playing with open holes, but I preferred the sound and feel of this one over the Yamaha that I tried. I'm working on a name for her ... it will make itself known.

Are all amaryllises so top-heavy and inclined to tipping??

I have sorted out a support for it, but is that normal?

I'm off to my Doodling ;)

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  1. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Hi, Amaryllis stems are hollow inside and the flower heads heavy, so yes, without support they often tip over. Cheers, Wanda