Saturday, October 3, 2015

Vanessa Ives

A fairly easy clue to get started on the Vanessa Ives MKAL. I decided to alternate to colours of the beads in sections as the beads are placed on stitches individually rather than strung onto the working yarn and knit in. It's a lot more challenging to be random with two colours than you might imagine.

I am very pleased with it so far. I am using a 1mm crochet hook to place the beads on the stitches, and the 3.5mm hook to make the nupps.

It is interesting that the lighter colored beads have a consistently larger inner hole and are more easily slid onto the stitch. The darker beads are hit & miss if I can even get them into the hook, and then it's a struggle to slide them down. This despite them both being 6/0 beads.

The Denise 2 Go needles are working perfectly for this project. The cables straighten out nicely in hot water, and the kit comes with a joiner, so I've been able to lengthen my cord enough to continue working.
The join - that's seriously one of the top considerations in a chiding a circular needle. It is not nearly as smooth as the Addi's, but while there is a unevenness at the join, it is not overly bothersome. It doesn't impede and backlog the movement of stitches the way I have found on lesser quality needles.

I am nearly at the ribbing of my Stitch Surfers!!! I am impressed - though I generally require instep shaping, they fit very well without it.

Can't wait to finish and get on with the second sock!!

I've been on a winning streak on the interwebs as well!!
I won the Skagway pattern set from TanisKnits and a Halloween bag, stitch marker and yarn from CraftsOMatic!!!

Three more days until I check in with my surgeon. I am excited. I have felt well today, and hoping that a few more restful days stress-free is just too much to ask for will give me allowance to increase my activity levels.

The incision site that was giving me some trouble is healing well. The slough skin is mostly gone; the pink skin is closing over. It's still tender, but it's getting better.

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