Monday, October 5, 2015

Not Knitting

A wretched bout of insomnia last night had my day off to a bit of a late and exhausted start.

Chica was being decidedly in-Chica like. She cried when Amanda scooched her off of the love seat and she was just slow moving. She refused breakfast and water, and just sat shivering, which while it's a chihuahua trait, isn't like her. She was reluctant to lay down. I examined her, and the distress seemed to coming from her right front shoulder. So I tucked her in to her bed and aside form a few wanderings, that how she spent most of her day.

Petey seemed sympathetically affected; he refused his breakfast too, and though he was mostly himself, he kept checking in on his sister.

Amanda brought with her an astonishing amount of stuff and some immediate action needed to be taken.
After coffee, I set to cleaning up some of my clutter in the spare room. Once that was sorted and organized, Mover One and Mover Two shifted the old sofa and mattresses that I had leaned up in there (don't even ask) outside.

I arranged for that to be removed and Bob's your uncle, space for someone to sort through their stuff.

After that was done, a nap was definitely called for.
After waking up, Chica seemed a bit more chipper. She ate, had some water, and did her business in a wee walk. She chased her ball a few times, then just went back into her crate to lay down.
Whatever had her out of sorts seems to be resolving itself with rest, so hopefully she'll me my little Damian again in the morning.

I am tired now. No knitting has been accomplished, but it's been a good day.

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