Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I finished a Stitch Surfer sock!!!

Clearly my foot is bigger than the Signature sock blocker! I clearly need to buy the larger one ;)

A friend needed some help today since they had car trouble, so I was able to cast on and get started on the 2nd straight away.

I also decided to follow the pattern to match up the striping. I am generally in the fraternal sock camp, but these seemed worth the effort of attempting identicalness I'm not unimpressed with the instructions, and my ability to execute them!!

I am quite exhausted from just driving about today. I'm relaxing with some wine and my knitting. App't with the surgeon tomorrow to see what I may be permitted to do. fingers crossed!!!

Chica slept well last night, but was still off this morning. She seems to be much better this afternoon. Clearly nothing serious, it so unlike her. I'm so glad she's herself again. <3

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