Sunday, November 22, 2015

Doodling Along - clue 3 spoilers

I'll put the spoiler pics further down ...

I made sour cherry jam today!! I was so excited to get a couple of pails of frozen sour cherries at Zehrs last week that the kind produce manager let me have them at -50%!!

I love sour cherry jam - hand down my favourite!! I'll be making another batch, then freezing what's left of the bucket for pie filling as needed.

My fingers are getting used to the open holes on the Sonaré. It's a more precise fingering that is required, but I love the tone she emits when we hit it right.

Here's my Doodler shawl. Mrs Crosby Satchel Hummingbird (sorbet colours), Georgian Bay Fibre Co McCoy Sock in Meaford Spring Buds for the brilliant green, then Satchel again in Hollywood Cerise for the deep rich merlot.

I am loving the undulating edge, and it's being accentuated more and more as the wedges build out.

Ok ... a bit more Doodling then to bed. Much to get accomplished this week!!

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